Kayachikitsa Department is majar clinical department of the institution. The department is essentially concerned with the scientific teaching of Ayurveda for under graduate and Post – Graduate students, patient care and research activities. Kayachikitsa department is enriched with the well equipped Panchakarma departments & I.C.U. well equipped Pathology lab., X – ray , Echocardiography , unit are available for the diagnostic of various diseases.

Various research activities in the involution of the efficacy of Ayurvedic drugs in different diseases as well as ayurvedic drugs with panchakarma procedures, Yoga techniques are going on the future development plan is to start post graduation course in kayachikitsa speciality for which the proposal already has been sent to the state & Centra Govt. kayachikitsa department is the unique department working specially for the preservation of best health as well as providing the very scientific natural treatment for diseases with the help of natural drugs , Panchakarma procedures (Naturally purifying the body) and yoga chikitsa in this competitive , Stressful life.