Means all herbs on the universe , all minerals, metals water, soil etc. matters are used as medicine Dravyagunashastra is that branch of knowledge that deals with the properties, actions , dose, time of administration & Various preparation of these matters Dravyaguna is a subject of 2nd year B.A.M.S. & also concerned with herbal medicine.

Dravyagunashastra is not only a useful factor for swasthya ( maintenance of health ) & chikitsa ( treatment ) but is also the chief factor involved.

The world health organization ( WHO) estimates that 4 billion people around the world use herbal medicines for their primary health care. Drugs of natural origin play a significant role in public health and majority of worlds population still relies on herbal medicine to meet its health needs. At least 25 percents of drugs in modern phamacopoea are derived from plant.

In our traditional system of medicine the quality control aspect has been considered from its inception itself by Rishis & later by the vaidyas , However in modern concept it requires necessary changes in their approach . for quality control of herbal medicines we need information of identification , its study documentation and quality assessment is interpreted property in terms of modern assessment .

That why our department provides 2 acre Herbal garden with 1021 plants with 220 different species for identification of plants.

We also provides well equipped research lab for standardization of drug.

Our Aims & Promotional Schemes

  • Research and development in medicinal plants sector.
  • Research  an single herb on various diseases like Asthma, Skin diseases , diabetes mellitus cosmetics etc.
  • Survey  & inventorization of medicinal plants.
  • Extension activities –

                 – Information ,  education & communication.

                 – Awareness through audio – visual aids, talks, seminars, training, workshop etc.

                 – Activities encouraging cultivation for growing medical plants.

We have a qualified fulfilled teaching staff for department and also well equipped museum is available department fulfills norms of C.C.I.M. New Delhi.