‘A Doctor must be clinically competent, medically alerts & legally aware……’

The subject – ‘Agadtantra, Vyahar Ayurved Evam Vidhi Vaidyak’ teach medical alertness as in Toxicology i. e. Agadtantra  & Legal awareness as in Forensic Medicine i.e. Vyavahar  Ayurved  & Medical Jurisprudence i.e. Vidhi Vaidyak.

Main aim of this subject is to contribute in producing skilled legal medical practitioner. To achieve this motto we have well established Dept. with full fledged teaching staff. Dept coincides with well equipped museum with set of weapon (105), set of poisons with household poisons, computerised   chart on syllabus (56), models (14), Different types of books of F.M.T. & Agadtantra(108), Photo album, CD’s and F.M.T., & well established forensic science Research lab.