Ayurved is a science of life and Main aim of Ayurveda is to do the prevention of health of all individuals and then if there is need treat the diseases.

Total Ayurveda is divided mainly in two parts; one is preventive and Third is curative method. Therefore the half of the Ayurveda is included in Swasthavritta i.e. the prevention of health. That’s why the Swasthavritta is a heart of Ayurveda. The subject is included in Third Year Syllabus in B.A.M.S. course. In this subject many different kinds of preventive methods are given for promotion of health, not only physical health but also social, mental & spiritual health of person. Swasthavritta subject is combination of personal hygiene, social hygiene, Yoga & Naturopathy.

Our National Health Policy also gives more stress on prevention & promotion of health of people and Swasthavritta, Yoga & Naturopathy are heart of it. Present life style of people gives cause to mental stress more than physical stress. Human being day by day is going away from natural to artificial very rapidly which result into more stress diseases. The only solution for this is Swasthavritta and for this in Swasthavritta a typical daily routine is given for every person from morning to night.

We have a qualified fulfilled teaching staff for department and also well equipped museum is available. Department fulfils norms of C.C.I.M. New Delhi. Department actively participate in National Health Programmes & Social activities related with Health. Guest Lectures of eminent speakers from Ayurveda & also in modern sciences are arranged. Various Educational Visits Yoga, Naturopathy as per syllabus are performed

International Yogaday

Date : 21/06/2023
– Dr Sanjay Lokhande (Prof HOD Swasthvrrit Dept)
– Dr. Dipak khedekar (Yoga Teacher)

Heartfulness Mission

Date : 1/04/2023
Dhyan Anubhav Shibir (Heartfullness mission)
Dr.Sanjay lokhande. Professor and HOD SWASTHVRITTA DEPT