Welcome to SRC Ayurved College, Chikhali

Department of Sharir Rachana

Sharir Rachana is one of the main basic subjects of medical science, by which we can identify and gain knowledge of human body parts using dissection methods and become open- minded researcher and able clinician. Being the foundation, all the basic principles of Ayurveda are encompassed within Sharir Rachana.

All the medical sciences require more or less basic knowledge of Sharir Rachana. Hence the study is indeed a most important of the basic Sciences of life.

There is a wide application of Rachana Sharir in Shalya - Tantra , Netra Rorga, Shalakya Tantra and Asthi Shalya Rog etc.


  • Well equipped Dissection Hall
  • Well maintained Body presentation facilities.
  • Well maintained Museum with well preserved body specimens.
  • Hard models
  • Well established Departmental Library with Ayurvedic and Modern Books
  • Teaching Aids – LCD Projector , OHP’S ,CD’S , Epidiascope etc.