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Department of Rognidan

This is an important subject which is included in Third Year B.A.M.S. which deals with patients clinical examinations, pathological investigations. As we all know that in Medical faculty without diagnosis treatment become absolutely of no meaning. This subject is not only related to diagnosis but also diagnostic aids like various pathological investigations & prompt Ayurvedic & Modern clinical examinations. The dept. fulfills the norms regarding teaching & non teaching staff according to C.C.I.M. New Delhi, M.U.H.S. Nashik as well as Charts, Instruments, Histopathological slides & specimens.

We are developing new Ayurvedic diagnostic methods, new Researcher, clinician & Laboratory experts etc. staffs for serving the society.

The department has a Central Pathology Laboratory attached to the Hospital where advance techniques of investigations are done on automated Biochem Analyzer & Haemotological Cell Counter as well as traditional Ayurvedic diagnostic methods.